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About us

Brief history of AMADCUS

AMADCUS is the combination of two words, Amadeus and Cusco, which in turn means "The Love of God is in Cusco". This phrase gave us the start of our adventure as a travel agency, we traveled all over Peru, we saw the north, the jungle and especially the Andes, seeing the desire of so many visitors to connect emotionally with a country of mystery, culture, tradition, and nature. It left us wondering how to help them connect to our own culture.
As Cusqueños, we saw the problems that many tourists go through, with very large groups, they visit very crowded tourist sites, with stressed and rushed guides, and that's why they have little motivation, poorly structured itineraries and the bad behavior of some people, led us to propose a new type of regenerative tourism.
Our cuisine, the stories of our ancestors and the places we discover are details that will help us find unforgettable experiences, helping our clients to experience Cusco in a different way.

Since we started, our family has been growing with incredible people, we all share the same vision to make your dreams come true, creating the Amadcus Travel experience with authentic tours and small groups.
Our work is about exploring wonderful places, meeting charming people, learning about culture and traditions, and finally sharing amazing stories of Cusco.
Each of our tours has been tested several times and we love what we are doing, that's why we guarantee quality in our work and tell you that you are in the best hands to live unforgettable and mysterious moments in Cusco.

Amadcus Travel


We will be recognized as the best company in regenerative tourism, innovating in a new life experience, transforming vacations into a world full of emotions, characterized by our integrity, responsibility, and warmth.


Experts in creating sustainable experiences, offering a range of services based on the desires of our visitors, preserving the destination by leaving it better than we found it, distinguishing ourselves by our quality and treatment of our customers.


Teamwork to meet the customer.


We design services tailored to you.


Personalized attention.